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Discipline and Conduct of students

Every student shall conduct herself in accordance with and for the fulfillment of her declaration in her application for admission in the College of Nursing to the effect that she sincerely believes in the Basic Principles of the Institution that care for services of humanity at large, without any distinction of religion, race, colour, caste, or creed, with complete dedication, love and as much renunciation and sacrifice as possible, as worship of God and advancement of her spiritual powers, and in furtherance of this objective she:-

  • • Shall abide by and obediently maintain and help to maintain discipline in the College, hostel, and hospital as well as outside when permitted to go out.
  • • Shall be strictly punctual in studies and recreation and work and shall pass her life in purity in the hostel, the hospital and the outside world.
  • • Shall pursue her studies, theoretical and practical, faithfully and obediently with interest, and diligence, both in the classrooms as well as in the hospital
  • • Shall abstain from everything deleterious or mischievous.
  • • Shall not take herself or administer to anyone else any drug which may be harmful.
  • • Shall learn and acquire patients’ bedside manners and ethics and shall never lose temper and shall do everything in her power to observe, follow and maintain the standards of the profession of Nursing.
  • • Shall keep secret and confidential all personal matters or affairs of patients and his/her family matters which may be confided to her or may come to her knowledge in, or in connection with the practice of Nursing.
  • • Shall loyally render all possible help or assistance to the physician or the surgeon in his work
  • . • Shall devote herself faithfully with love, tenderness and sympathy to the welfare of patients committed to her care as nurse
  • . • Shall see to it that the patients committed to her care, their relatives or visitors are not made to incur and do not on their own accord incur any expense or service, or obtain service or concession, in connection with the College, the hostel, or the hospital, WHICH IS NOT LEGAL OR ETHICAL.
  • • Shall learn to be courteous to the patients and their visitors. They are to be respectful and obedient to their superiors
  • • Shall not organize unauthorized meetings or assemblies within the college or hostel premises or undertake collection of Union Subscription. Collection of any money for any other purpose also cannot be done without prior permission in writing.
  • • Shall refrain from unruly behaviour, defiance, and/or disobedience of lawful instructions and/or order of the superiors. Such behaviour will expose a boarder for disciplinary action which includes removal from the institution. Decision of the Managing Trustee will be final and binding in all cases.
  • • Shall refrain from damaging college, hostel or hospital properties, misuse of water and electricity causing wasteful expenditure. In the event of any breach thereof, the cost will be recovered from the erring student.
  • * Senior boarders are expected to lead an exemplary life style to serve as a role model for the junior student nurses. RAGGING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITTED
  • . Breach of any of the foregoing shall attract disciplinary action.

Disciplinary Action:

  • 1. All matters requiring disciplinary action against a student shall be reported in writing by the person aggrieved or by the Physician or the Surgeon or any other official concerned.

  • 2. If the offence is committed in the hospital, then it is to be reported to the Surgeon / physician / matron under whom she may have been deputed to work or learn, who then and there in writing will call for the written explanation of the offence, and the student shall submit her written explanation then and there.
  • 3. If the written explanation offered by her then and there does not satisfy the Surgeon / Physician / Matron as sufficient or if the offender fails to submit the written explanation they will forward the papers, if any, with her report to the Principal in the College, who may act in accordingly. On the basis of a complaint received or on the basis of the report about the conduct recorded, documents, if any, inspected and the written explanation, if offered, the Principal may frame a charge or charges against the offending student and shall serve the same on her, calling for her reply and inquiring whether she would cross examine the witnesses cited in the charge-sheet and would produce any defence.

    The Surgeon or the Physician or the Matron or the Teacherreporting shall not be cited as a witness unless the case is such as cannot be proved without her oral evidence and cross examination.

    If the charge sheeted student wants to cross examine and or to produce defence, she shall be given an opportunity to do so and thereafter the Principal or the Enquiry Committee appointed by the Secretary shall decide the matter and if they find her guilty, shall intimate the punishment proposed to the student accordingly, and after hearing the student on or about the punishment, the Principal shall pass an order of punishment against the student with due regard, to the seriousness of the offence proved. But the punishment finally awarded shall not be more severe than the one intimated to the offender as proposed . If found not guilty or guilty in a trivial matter, the Principal shall acquit the student or in the latter case may issue a warning to her.
  • 4. The punishments that may be imposed according to the seriousness of the offence may be:-

    • a) Suspension from the clinical area and class for a period to be d determined by the Competent Authority / Secretary.
    • b) Termination of training with the liability of paying back, or refunding all the expenditure incurred by the authorities on her (the offender) up to the time of termination of her training.
    • c) Expulsion from the hostel for a period of three months. The rules set forth as above are subject to amendment from time to time, if deemed necessary by the Management. The final decision in all matters of the College will be at the discretion of the managing trustee, Srikrishna charitable trust ®, Udupi.


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