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Rules and Regulations

1 The course offered by the Institute is a non residential course. All students admitted in the College must observe the rules and regulations that may be framed from time to time by the College and Hostel. Students are required to maintain absolute self discipline in the College campus. Violation of rules will result in severe disciplinary action against the offender including his/her suspension or expulsion from the College. In such cases she will forfeit all the deposits and shall not be eligible for any claim.

2. Examination will be held according to the syllabus prescribed by Rajiv Gandhi University of health sciences/Karnataka state nursing council, Bangalore and approved by Indian nursing council.

3 Each student is responsible for the proper handling and safe custody of any apparatus or equipment that she may be using. In case of any damage or loss to the college property through misuse or negligence, the student shall have to pay the cost of repair or replacement.

4 Students must show respect and obedience to all members of the staff as well as the managing authorities of the College.

5 Every student shall have to attend classes and practicals. They are not supposed to leave the College premises without the permission of the Principal.

6 In case of illness, permission will have to be obtained from the Principal/staff for remaining absent from Class and Practicals.

7 All dues should be cleared as per the prescribed Time Schedule.

8 The Principal of the College reserves the right to rusticate any student found indulging in acts prejudicial to the interest of the College or involved in gross indiscipline or immoral acts.

9 Students are instructed to keep their rooms neat, clean and tidy. Warden / Officer of the hostel may check rooms at any time, if found guilty, the erring student may be warned or punished.

10 Students are not to keep any medicine in their rooms except during illness.

11 Parents and natural guardians of the students can appoint local guardians, if they so desire, to meet the students on permissible days and time. In case of appointment of local guardians, their entire personal data along with photograph shall have to be submitted. On the request of local guardian, if the student is allowed to go out of hostel, the responsibility would be on the parents who appointed the local guardian.

12 Every student shall have to remain in the hostel. Staying outside the hostel will not be allowed. In special circumstances, under the permission of the Principal, the student may be allowed to stay outside for a day or two.

13 No student can claim room of choice, Electric appliance, Almirah, Stool and Chair, etc. other than provided by the Institution.

14 Students cannot keep mobile phone inside the Clinical premises and the College premises. If found guilty student may be punished.

Other Information:

1 Joining the Mess in the Hostel is compulsory. Mess fees are refundable only for the period of summer vacation.

2. Students are advised not to keep heavy cash, gold / silver jewellery and costly items in their rooms.

3. Students are required to buy textbooks for their courses.

4. When students are posted within or outside for project experience and field work, expenses shall be borne by the students.

5. The College would provide transport facilities for the students’ field work. Whenever this is not feasible, the students will have to use public transport at their own expenses.

6. Uniform - Students will be allowed to wear the uniform prescribed by the College. For community health and field experience every student needs to purchase prescribed dress.

7 Dress - Students are to be modest in dress with no extremes of style. Wearing jewellery while on duty is prohibited. Nursing students are not permitted to use any makeup including eye shadow and Kajal. No finger nail polish is to be used. Small Bindi may be applied while on duty.

8. The students are required to hand over the Keys of the Hostel Room to the Hostel Warden while proceeding on vacation / leave.

9 Hospital - Students should go to the hospital only when on duty or with prior permission. Students shall not accept any presents or gifts from patients or their relatives or visitors for any service or favour. If a student wishes to visit sick students or relatives, she must obtain prior permission from the Matron or Tutor. Students must not go alone to or from the Hospital after 8 p.m.

10. Hostel - Students will be provided accommodation, single or double Room or dormitory according to the availability. They will not be allowed to keep their relatives or any attendant with them. Messing will be compulsory.

11. Visit to Relatives - Students will be permitted to go out to visit relatives (approved in writing by the sponsor or guardian as the case may be) once a month provided it does not conflict with the scheduled term exams. Permission must be obtained one day in advance from the competent authority.

12 Pass and Signing the Out-going and In-coming Register - an outgoing cum incoming register is kept with the Warden at the Hostel. Each student must fill in the date, time and all other columns of the register in her own handwriting and sign it, positively.

13. Visiting Hours - All permitted visitors will be received and met in the visitors’ room in the Hostel on Sundays from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Visitors at other places or timings and in the hospital, during duty hours, are not permitted except in cases of special needs in which case the visitors must obtain prior permission from the Principal.

14 The College has its health service and infirmary available in hostel, but serious illness is referred to hospital.

15. Valuables - Students shall not keep any valuables with them. The College cannot assume any responsibility for the loss or theft of any article belonging to any student.

16. Office Hours - The College office will generally remain open on week days from 9.00 a.m. to 5 p.m. and will remain closed on Sundays and declared holidays.


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