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Computer Lab

We are living in the electronic age. As health care is an area that has been greatly influenced by the information technology, it is imperative that nurses should be well acquainted with computers and their use in the day to day practice. It also enhances provision for internet access which keeps update with the changes and challenges in their professional and personal avenue. Facilities are available for students to browse information on the web during their project works, care studies, seminars and other presentations. As all the corporate Major hospitals entirely depend on hospital software for management, it is mandatory to have basic computer knowledge.

Audio Visual Lab  

One of the best methods of teaching and learning is with the help of audiovisual aids. The college has the latest audio visual aids such as LCD Projector, Computers, CD/DVD player, T.V, Public address system, camera, Printed materials and pamphlets and leaf lets, Over head projectors, Slide projectors, tape recorders, audio video tapes, CDs, models, charts, Manikins and real objects.

Fundamental Lab  

Nursing Practice (Fundamental) Laboratory is well equipped as per norms and requirements of Indian Nursing Council. This fundamental lab has dummy’s which are used to demonstrate various bedside procedure/ practices.

Anatomy & Physiology Lab  

Anatomy lab is designed for the exploration and dissection of various structures. The laboratory has a collection of human skeleton, specimens of different parts of the body, models, dummies, simulations, audio video CDs and charts. The physiology lab has various charts showing physiological function of various system/ organs of the body.

Microbiology Lab  

This lab has adequate number of different types of microscopes, slides and other equipments to facilitate learning.

Nutrition Lab  

Nutrition lab is well furnished and equipped with cooking facilities where students learn preparation of various therapeutic and normal diet.

MCH Lab  

MCH lab is designed for students to appreciate the concepts and principles of obstetric nursing. The MCH lab is equipped and furnished with birthing simulators, obstetric manikins, infant manikins, real objects and models of all kinds.

Community Health Lab  

The college provides both urban and rural community health nursing field experience for the students. The rural center is at village Hoode, which is about 5 km from the college. Saligrama is another Urban centre. The community health bags are kept in Laboratory which is as per the norms of INC.


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